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Light, Life, and Love

Thank you for visiting the future home of Adirondack Alchemy and!  

Ormus m-state elements continue to be found throughout our physical world and are designed to ground and connect you to the Earth and Spirit promoting balance, harmony and well- being. 
Adirondack Alchemy specializes in the harnessing (or "birthing" as we prefer) of Ormus that are specific to your personal needs and intentions- this means we both need and want you to be intimately 
involved in the birthing process.  You will soon find that Ormus will open up a beautiful trans-dimensional connection to spiritual wellness and oneness. Ormus is always calling, but are you ready to answer?

While our website and online store are both currently under construction, we are excited and honored to have you as a future client or customer. Adirondack Alchemy offers a great selection of Ormus products that will be ready for those who require immediate service; however, we do prefer to birth Ormus that is ideal for your specific needs and intentions to aid you in your personal journey with the Subtle Energies Realm.

Whether you decide to become our client within one of our programs, or purchase directly from our store, you will be assured that our Ormus will be birthed and bottled with the respect and love it demands. Please do not hesitate to contact Adirondack Alchemy by emailing us at should you have any questions regarding our services.
May you exist in the constant and sublime state of Light, Life, and Love!

-Adirondack Alchemy

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